Interview Day for Medical School.

The information in this video will help you prepare for Interview Day.

I chose to use Nearpod which is a tool for creating presentations.  Overall, it is user friendly.  You can easily download content from your computer or the internet into different slides.  There are many templates to choose from.  There are also many examples to view.  I think the more I use it, the better I will get at it. 

I chose to do a pre-interview day video for interviewees on Interview Day for the College of Medicine.  It is filled with information about what they can expect on interview day.  Due to Covid-19 and in accordance with what other medical schools are doing, our interviews are being held over Zoom this year.  In the video it also has a timeline for Financial Aid, information if they get disconnected from the meeting, and a schedule for the day. The hope is that all the information will help them be prepared for Interview Day. 

2 thoughts on “Interview Day for Medical School.”

  1. Alani, I really loved your presentation! It was very informative and uniform throughout. It was also self paced which is great for those who read slower or maybe need more time on a particular slide. I can see this would be a great resource to you in your job.


  2. Alani, your presentation was amazing! I could see this being really useful and answering a lot of questions that I’m sure you get asked regularly by applicants.


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