Assessment Tool- Higher Education Law Chapter 7

I used Quizlet to create some flashcards.  At first, I encountered a lot of pop ups with sale ads.  Once I was able to exit out of those, Quizlet was easy to use.  It was user friendly and easy to share with others.  I chose this tool because I wanted to create something that would help me study for a quiz.  I took a few terms from The Law of Higher Education book and created the flashcards.  I also liked that it is free.  I would use Quizlet again to help me study for a quiz.   

1 thought on “Assessment Tool- Higher Education Law Chapter 7”

  1. Hi Alani, I used Quizlet and Formative for my assessments. I didn’t run into the same problem that you had with pop-up ads. I too found it to be fairly easy to navigate and create an assessment. I know that many of the teachers where I currently work use Quizlet but I think just for flashcards. I found it to be a good option for checking for comprehension too. Students can easily find their flashcards and a quiz to check for understanding. I think it’s good because we wouldn’t have to waste all that paper that students end up losing in many cases. Everything that they need is right there on that one website.


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